Kedei touchscreen updated for buster

Some years back, I created some scripts and a precompiled kernel for use with KeDei 3,5″ Raspberry Pi Touchscreen V2. I have now revisited those for use with Raspbian Buster and made it easier to install.

Note: touchscreen is not working. Xorg has become more strict about input devices, and the touch driver in its current form is not up to scratch.

The downloadables


  1. Create a Raspbian SD card (not NOOBS)
  2. Download the installation script and the tarball to the same directory on a linux computer
  3. Edit the installation script to adjust your SD card location variables
    nano rpi-kedei-35lcdv2-kernel-screen
  4. Run the installation script
    sudo ./rpi-kedei-35lcdv2-kernel-screen-install
  5. Put the SD card in your Raspberry Pi and you are done!

Kernel updates

Updating kernels will not work. You are stuck with an old and insecure kernel. If you update from the raspbian repository, your Raspberry Pi won’t boot. You can prevent this situation with:

sudo apt-mark hold raspberrypi-kernel

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