Johan Ehnberg

Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration): Humanitarian Aid Worker, ICT and Management Consultant. On this page you will find some information about me.

Evakuointisairaalaharjoitus Ivalon lentokentällä 25.9.2014

Contact details

Please feel free to contact me in English, Swedish, Finnish, German or French.

Curriculum vitae

My CV is available for download (Europass).


I have completed my studies in Organization and Management at Åbo Akademi University. The topic of my master’s thesis is “International civilian crisis response organization” and is based on a field study of the European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM) in Georgia. The thesis is now available for download (in Swedish) and as a summary (in English). Published in CMC Finland Working Papers Vol. 3 No. 1/2009: Monitoring, Lessons Learned, Evaluation: How to measure Impact of (Civilian) Crisis Management? CMC Finland, Kuopio p. 93-100, ISSN 1797-1667 (PDF). Similarly, my bachelor’s thesis was about the challenges of organizing according to plan in a disaster response effort. The case for the study was a Red Cross Emergency Response Unit in Pakistan after the earthquakes in 2005.

Music and drama

The purpose of music is to reach our mind in ways not possible otherwise. With that as my idea, I have participated in many very different forms of producing music since childhood, ranging from classical music to jazz, electronic music and ambient. Most of the time it has been amateur projects, and some have been professional – but it has always been for fun. My instruments are the piano, synthesizers and my voice. Furhtermore, I actively engage in theater productions. In my opinion, drama optimally contains elements of music, which has drawn me to musicals and opera.

ICT and anything geeky enough

As a proponent of the idea of freedom through open source, I participate in several open source projects. However, coding is not one my strengths and I focus mostly on architechture, testing, documenting and extending the uses of various applications. I have also been building low powered systems for quite a while, covering both hardware and software design for power saving and silent operation. Once again optimally, computers are best combined with music and thus extra noise is naturally unwelcome. Perhaps unsuprisingly, I also use a lot of digital hardware to produce music. Check out some of my computer related stuff in the blog.