15A buck converter / step down module test

After being disappointed with the previous buck converter, this one actually seems to deliver what was promised. The specs at the Aliexpress shop indicate it is good for up to 10A without extra cooling, and that seems reasonable in my test.


In the test, the device is set to output 13.8V which works great for nominal 12V systems designed for cars etc. It is hard to find buck converters of higher capacity, so I will be looking into using several of these in parallel in upcoming tests.

2 thoughts on “15A buck converter / step down module test”

  1. Hello,

    Great Video, It was very helpful. How has this buck converter preformed over the time you have had it and have you tried to use it in any type of enclosure? I am thinking of using one of these in a product as a charger.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Mikel,

      The converter has performed well, with one exception: it does not have protection on the output. So any fault on the output side will not be cut off but will burn the device. This is especially important if using it for charging, where you should at least add a diode for protection. Otherwise a fault may for example result in the battery shorting through this converter (read: fire hazard).

      Anyhow, if you are looking specifically for a buck converter for charging, for most applications you should consider using one that also has constant current setting. This one only has constant voltage.

      Best regards,

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